Discover the Horizon Universe

Role-playing games are a popular trend in the gaming industry; developing a unique and interesting game popular among gamers is no mean feat. Created by Guerilla Games, the Horizon Universe is a game that carves its distinct identity, and it is difficult to tear yourself from it even after finishing the campaign. 

This article explores the Horizon Universe and the excellent characterization, visuals, story, and combat that make it a game worth playing. 


At first glance, the game’s post apocalyptic layout seems quite standard, even though dinosaurs rule the world. Nevertheless, Guerilla games didn’t just leave it at developing a fantastic setup. The game features an intricate religious and political landscape with fleshed-out characters.  

The Horizon world spans various landscapes, from the South’s hot jungles and the North’s frozen mountain ranges. The land’s overgrown ruins span throughout, marking remnants of a civilization that’s lost.


The Horizon universe consists of advanced machines of different sizes and shapes, terrifying but strikingly familiar. Their weird shapes and mechanical strength blend well to give off animalistic brutality.  

In the Horizon world, the last humans have grouped themselves into various tribes, each with its rich traditions and cultures, and aren’t familiar with past technological advancements. Players explore the Horizon world through Aloy’s eyes, a character determined to uncover her destiny.


Players start their adventure with Aloy, a hero that’s an outcast in a matriarch-worshiping society. The game has a sequel, the Forbidden west, where players continue the protagonist’s adventure as she meets unique tribes, fights off machines, and braves a new frontier. While most sequels don’t usually have many new features that differentiate them from the original games, Guerilla games went above and beyond to make Horizon West special. 

Everyone you encounter in the game knows about Aloy’s beliefs and traditions. They know her tribe is afraid of the city’s remnants buried underground; however, Alloy doesn’t share this belief, as she was once an outcast. 

Sometimes, she’ll agree with people’s dismissive comments about her culture, but you’ll notice her bristle at the criticisms. Such instances are frequent when different tribes meet each other, and they help bring the Horizon world to life. 

Fighting off machines in Horizon can be challenging as some use different tactics. For instance, to fight off stalkers, unlike other machines, they don’t just charge at it. Nevertheless, once you hone your fighting skills, fighting them off will be a walk in the park.

Perhaps the best thing about the Horizon game is the power and sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming the hardest difficulty. Beating them on the Hard or Normal level is difficult, but nothing compares to beating the game in the Ultra hard mode. 

Accomplishing this feat is the only way to complete the game; it takes all you’ve learned from previous levels and experience to pull it off.


Besides the gameplay, the Horizon community is as vibrant and exciting as the Horizon world. On this platform, players can share what Horizon means to them through art, videos, music, and so much more. You also have an opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded individuals and make friends!

With its satisfying combat, compelling mission, and profoundly moving story that touches on profound themes, you’re in for an exciting roller coaster ride when playing the Horizon Universe Game.

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